The Distinguishing Features Of Sir Walter Turf

There are various kinds of natural looking grass turfs that are available. However, while choosing a turf for Australian properties, it is advisable to proceed with caution. The tropical weather of Australia may be harsh at times. In such weather, only turfs made of durable materials can last. Sir Walter grass turf is quite durable and can hence easily survive the harsh Australian weather. This natural grass turf can stay soft, healthy and green even in harsh weather.

Qualities of Sir Walter grass turf

There are several unique qualities associated with Sir Walter turf. Few features associated with this natural grass turf include:

Authenticity and license

A distinguishing feature of Sir Walter grass turf is that a license is required to grow this natural grass turf. It also bears the rights of Plant Breeder’s. Purchasers of this turf are given a certificate which authenticates the genuineness of the turf. The certificate also ensures that the turf is of high quality.

Touch and feel

Sir Walter grass turf is bred and developed in Australia. It is the most preferred and popular choice for Australian lawns. The turf has an attractive green colour and feels extremely soft. A unique feature of this turf is that it can sustain its natural and attractive green colour even in extreme weather conditions. Another advantage of this turf is that it can repel various types of grass diseases, weeds and fungi and can survive in shade and also in direct sunlight. The turf is also popular as it requires minimum amount of fertilizers and water for growth. Few other unique features of sir walter buffalo turf by betta Turf include:

There are several unique features associated with Sir Walter turf. The turf offers a quality lawn solution for all types of properties in Australia. The turf looks extremely appealing and is quite robust. Most people prefer soft leaf buffalo turf for its unique features.

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