Different kind of Pavers

For renovating houses, paving them and making them look unique in a very simple, easy and cheap way, stones, pavers, bricks and grass and turfs are available. Let us talk about the bricks first. Three types of bricks are available namely old reds, render bricks and grey or blocks. The choice of the blocks entirely depends on the customer and the type of place where they want to put it. A large variety of swatches and collection of bricks are kept with professionals from whom you can choose according to your needs. The selection of bricks should also depend upon the place where they have to be put as they should match the walls and the surroundings. This is where most pavers go wrong, but if you’re in Melbourne then we highly recommend going with one of the top companies in the industry; when it comes to concrete paving by JC Paving in Melbourne there’s no one better!

Advantages of using bricks in your house construction are that they give a very raw and aesthetic look to the whole place and are durable and have great strength. The most important benefit of using bricks is that they give protection from fire for up to 6-7 hrs. Pavers are paving products and are used in construction and covering of roads outside. These are made up of the highest quality which is to last for a long time and are easily placed and installed. Pavers are easily available in many types of shapes, colors, and patterns and are custom made too according to the needs of the customers, alternatively if you’re looking for epoxy flooring by All Grind in Melbourne then just give them a call. The different types of pavers available are –

  • NATURAL STONE PAVERS – This is an ideal type of paver as it is natural and has no chemicals added to it which makes it all the more stronger. It can withstand harsh climates which make it durable. Being natural and raw it gives the place a very rough and unique look. Some of the natural stones include limestones, granite, marble, and bluestone. This type of stone looks good when placed outdoors in gardens or patios.
  • CONCRETE PAVERS – These are not natural and are manufactured totally and made with a mix of two ingredients aggregate and cement. They are available in almost every color you can imagine and so the customer faces no problems while choosing this stone.
  • CLAY BRICK PAVERS – These are made from natural clay and make for a very strong paver. These are the oldest types of pavers to be used as they are the most durable of all. The fact that the natural color of clay is pinkish brown and so the color of the clay pavers also remains the same throughout and does not fade away.
  • RUBBER PAVERS – These are the only pavers that are eco-friendly as they are recycled out of old tires and are mostly used in gymnasiums and playgrounds. A unique feature of this paver is that it is nonslippery and are very low in maintenance. If you’re interested in getting such paving done for your project then we recommend you give JC Paving a call, click here to view their services.

There are four types of retaining walls namely cantilever wall, gravity wall, piling wall and anchored wall. All these are custom made by professionals who are experts in this field and will give the customer what they want in a very effective and efficient way, if you’re looking for polished concrete services get in touch with Granicrete Australia. These walls also can be done in any color the customer wants as they can be died and painted according to the surroundings and the needs of the customer. Another type of service provided is the turf and grass lying in the backyards of houses. Turfs are basically the layers of grass which are bind with the roots of the grass from inside the soil. Since grass is natural, turfs are synthetic or artificially made. These are mainly made up for sports pitches as the grass in that area keeps on eroding.

So for all these services, you will need to call for professionals as they will give the maximum output in the minimum amount.

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